Ledell for Alder

This was my first, but not my last, experience acting as designer for a local political campaign. (Ledell won, by the way, and those bright green yard signs really popped in our snow-covered landscape.)

“Carrie was fantastic at every step of our extended project, a five-month city council campaign. She was gracious in dealing with shifts in thinking as pieces were developed, and remarkable in how quickly and completely she could turn around complex requests. Through the whole time we had the best of both worlds with Carrie: a true respect for the needs of us, the customer, and the ability to translate our wishes into publications that were clean, interesting and clearly done by a true professional.”

Michael Jacob, Ledell Your Alder Campaign Manager


“Carrie does awesome work! Her designs needed the approval of a team of opinionated people. She passed the high bar with ease. And she is very responsive to tight turnaround needs. I highly recommend both the quality of her work and how great she is to work with.”

Ledell Zellers, Human Resources Director, State of Wisconsin Investment Board