Sing Along Cd


Believe me, I’m not a good singer but it does my heart good to sing. So I like to raise my voice for peace and justice at the Solidarity Sing Along, and I was glad to be asked to design this cd.

“I was up against the clock with a project that needed to go to press in less than 72 hours. The project was a CD, and our designer had backed out. Carrie designed the CD jacket, the booklet, and the CD face. The entire package was more than I could have hoped for, especially given the time restraints. (I can’t imagine what she could have done within a normal time frame!)

Carrie has that quality that you most want in a collaborator in any project you’re working on: it is a joy to work with her. She makes the project fun. I would unequivocally recommend Carrie Scherpelz whole-heartedly to anyone considering utilizing her services.”

R. Chris Reeder, Independent Performing Arts Professional